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PostSubject: NO MORE HEROES HINT   Tue Apr 07, 2009 9:15 pm

Beating Bad Girl
Entry Location:
Destroy Stadium Basement

Bad girl is a fairly hard, yet entertaining boss and one of my personal favorites, here are some tips on beating her.

1.) Always stay very close to her, but just a little out of striking distance, sometimes even inside striking distance since there is only a few of her attacks you cannot block.

2.) When she powers up to do her downward bat swing, roll backward or to the side, and immediately after she's swung, charge in and lay up the combos on her.

3.) Always stay locked on to her an try to keep slowly circling her

4.)There is one attack she has where she will twirl her bat in her hands and and then do an unblockable downward swing. It's best to just block the bat twirls, then roll to th side before she hits you with the swing and then charge in and lay up the combos

5.) To get some extra damage on her, when you see Bad Girl charging up for her powerful home run swing, walk up to her, slash her real quick only once, and then roll to the side immediately after, This will cause her to swing at you and miss leaving her open for some slash combos.

5.)When you are within striking distance of her and she begins to rampantly hit you with her bat over and over again, she charges her last swing up a little bit. The charge up shot is blockable, but what you should do is eith roll away, and then charge in and start hitting her, or while she's charge dark-step around to her side and slash her up good.

6.)On some occasions, Bad Girl will light her bat on fire. This is where you ignore what I said before and stay a good bit away from her because she will start doing an unblockable downward slam that make a raises up a ring of fire that knocks you down. Just do what you've been doing throughout the whole battle and simply charge in and slash her up when she leaves herself open.

7.)When she start firing gimps from the conveyor belt, you don't have to dodge them. When she fires them at you simply just hit "A" when the gimps is about to fly in to you, this will bring up a signal telling you shake the wii-mote as fast as you can. Do this and you'll send the gimp flying back at her. She will eventually learn though and start batting the gimp back a you again once you have fired it back and in this case you'll have to deflect the gimp again by pressing "A" and shaking.

8.) DO NOT FALL FOR THE INSTANT KILL MOVE!!! Bad Girl will lay down on the ground as if she is hurt, but go within striking distance and she'll score an instant kill on you. Once she curses ad begins to get up, immediately charge in and do some slash combos.

9.)Be daring and don't try to play this one safe or else this battle WILL DRAG ON FOREVER!!! Sometimes go right up to her so she starts to hit you, then leaves herself vulnerable so that you can hit her (unless of course she's trying to lure you into her instant kill or her bat's on fire).

10.) And the most important thing of all, DON'T FORGET that naughty girls need spankings, but she's not a naughty girl she's a Bad Girl. The death scene of bad girl boasts the name of one of the most bloody/gorey moments in video game history
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PostSubject: Re: NO MORE HEROES HINT   Wed Apr 08, 2009 4:27 am

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Lego Creature

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PostSubject: Re: NO MORE HEROES HINT   Sun Apr 19, 2009 10:55 am

lol thanks
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PostSubject: Re: NO MORE HEROES HINT   

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